Dangerous Lies: Sam Harris’, Jon Haidt’s, Trump’s, Elon Musk and Twitter (If Only Christopher Hitchens Were Here)

Sarah Braasch
4 min readNov 21, 2022


So, Sam Harris just asked Elon Musk for a rule banning persons who propagate dangerous lies on Twitter. To the surprise of exactly no one, Sam Harris offered up Trump as an example of someone who should be banned from Twitter based upon this rule.

I just cannot believe for one second that Sam Harris is oblivious to the fact that, if such a rule were applied fairly, he would be the next to go, after Trump. I believe that Sam Harris is confident that his own dangerous lies would not be censored, nor would he be subject to banishment, because his own dangerous lies are part and parcel of the prevailing narrative of those in political power, i.e., the Democrats and the Woke Left.

Sam Harris speaks often of Christopher Hitchens. I have always been a great admirer of the Hitch. Sam speaks about how sorely he is missed, how much he is needed in this moment, and what a tragedy his untimely death was. With all of this I agree.

But, I think Christopher Hitchens would be horrified to see what Sam Harris has become: a Woke Leftist with Trump Derangement Syndrome who advocates for censorship and silencing of his political enemies, while granting himself perpetual absolution for the most egregious calumnies, in the name of saving Democracy from the People, who are too stupid to be trusted with civil liberties.

Sam Harris recently re-released his Making Sense podcast wherein Jon Haidt attacks and defames me as part of the Witch Hunt at Yale. I believe that Sam Harris did this to retaliate against me, because I’ve been speaking out against Jon Haidt pretending to be a guru on Woke Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter, as well as political polarization and the dangers of social media moral outrage mobs driving people to suicide. Jon Haidt very recently appeared on 60 Minutes, with Tristan Harris, as well as Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO, and I begged Bill Maher, 60 Minutes, and Tristan Harris to help me. Pushing/perpetuating the Witch Hunt at Yale is a dangerous lie meant to drive me to suicide and that puts my life in grave danger. I am still struggling just to survive and to stay off the streets almost 5 years after the perfectly obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale.

No one should be surprised that Sam Harris is happy to push the Witch Hunt and Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. I have long said that many rabid anti-Trumpers in the ostensibly anti-Woke and anti-Cancel Culture camp recognized that my story would help Trump. This is why they chose to participate in the Witch Hunt at Yale, at the cost of my life; they were happy to sacrifice me on the altar of the Woke gods and to abandon their professed principles. Sam Harris admitted as much when he publicly admitted that absolutely anything is morally permissible to defeat Trump. He said that he doesn’t care if Hunter Biden has the corpses of children in his basement. And, he thinks the Fake News Press should ignore it, if they discovered as much. So, of course, Sam Harris thinks nothing of driving an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong human/civil rights attorney to suicide, to stop Trump, because he recognized that the truth of my plight would have helped Trump. And, it will still help Trump. Now that Trump has said he is running for President in 2024, expect renewed attacks against me like Sam Harris’.

But, this is far from being just about me, or even the aggregation of victims of Living While Black Race Hoaxes, including Amy Cooper of the Central Park Race Hoax.

The Living While Black Race Hoax (the Great Racism Scare of 2018 to now) perpetrated by the Democrats and the Woke Left, including the promulgation of grossly unconstitutional KAREN/CAREN Acts in state and municipal legislatures across the US, was a vastly more dangerous lie than denying the 2020 Presidential Election results.

The Democrats and the Woke Left are pushing the absurd and dangerous lie that they are the ones saving Democracy from the People and that a vote for anyone else is a vote for authoritarianism/fascism. Sam Harris is happy to perpetuate this lie, including on Twitter.

The Democrats and the Woke Left are undermining our legal system and our egalitarian public space, the very fabric of US society.

The Democrats and the Woke Left are undermining the constitutional principles of Due Process and Equal Protection, as well as Free Speech and Freedom of Religion, the very cornerstone of our democracy. They are bringing back KKK Style vigilante mob (in)justice with immediate and grossly disproportionate sentences of Social Death or Suicide for private citizen nobodies for the non-crime of unWokeness. This is why I call them the Woke KKK.

The Democrats and the Woke Left are undermining the Federal Civil Rights Act and seeking to bring back Jim Crow style racial segregation of the public space.

Sam Harris only wants his political enemies censored and banned.

Sam Harris wants to be able to propagate dangerous lies via Twitter with impunity.

And, Christopher Hitchens would be horrified.

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Sarah Braasch

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