• Christopher Goodman

    Christopher Goodman

    Geeky guy from A2, physician, who likes music, tech, and bicycles.

  • Amelia Walters

    Amelia Walters

  • Tim Skellett

    Tim Skellett

    Interests: travel, science journalism, reading, gardening, photography, trees, nature, politics, religion, atheism, humanism, etc.

  • Stacy Christopher P

    Stacy Christopher P

  • Teresa Marques

    Teresa Marques

  • Gretchen Mullen

    Gretchen Mullen

    Gretchen Mullen is an award-winning journalist and former magazine editor. She has a BA from Rice University an MA in Education from University of Tulsa.

  • Lenny Pier Ramos

    Lenny Pier Ramos

    Grad student writing about political obscurantism in the media and academia. “very opinionated Canadian”. @lennypierramos

  • Raymond Rweyemamu

    Raymond Rweyemamu

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