Gross Hypocrisy of Democrats Supporting Fetterman Against Dr. Oz in PA Senate Race — Fetterman Chased Down Innocent Black Jogger with Shotgun

Sarah Braasch
5 min readOct 22, 2022

Please vote for the Republican candidate in the PA Senate Race, Dr. Oz. We have to vote the Democrats out everywhere, at every level. The Democrats are destroying our democracy, our legal system, our egalitarian public space, and our constitutional principles of Due Process, Equal Protection, and Free Speech, as well as the Federal Civil Rights Act.

Richard Painter turned his recent run for Congress in MN into a Twitter Terror Campaign to destroy me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney. Painter repeatedly compared me to Ahmaud Arbery’s killers and accused me of trying to lynch Black students at Yale. In truth, I called the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, exactly as instructed by the Yale Admin, because I was being harassed in my isolated Yale dorm room for months.

The gross hypocrisy of the Democrats is mind boggling. Like Painter, they claim to care about Me Too, but the Democrats attack innocent women for daring to call the police when they have a reasonable concern for their personal safety, including me during the Witch Hunt at Yale and Amy Cooper during the Central Park Living While Black Race Hoax. Democrats have spent the past 5 years destroying the Living While Black movement by turning it into a Race Hoax and Bloodsport to demonize white women for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money and power. Democrats promulgated grossly unconstitutional KAREN/CAREN Acts across the US in state and municipal legislatures, making the public terrified to call the police (and making the police terrified to do their jobs), resulting in the crime surge we are experiencing throughout the US. No one wants to call the police or stop crime, lest they be the next innocent private citizen nobody whose life is destroyed via a Karen Gone Wild video, Woke KKK Cancel Culture, or Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

The Democrats will destroy your life if you are a woman with a safety concern who calls the police for help, but the Democrats support John Fetterman, the Democrat in the PA Senate race, running against Dr. Oz, the Republican candidate. Fetterman famously chased down an innocent Black jogger in 2013, in the same way that Ahmaud Arbery was chased down while jogging.

The Democrats perpetrated the Living While Black Race Hoax (the Great Racism Scare of 2018 until now) for money and political power and to smear and beat Donald Trump. They were perfectly happy to destroy the lives of innocent private citizen nobodies, especially the vulnerable, including those with mental health disabilities and without the resources to defend themselves. Many victims of Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter have committed suicide at this point, including Austen Heinz, David Bucci, Mike Adams, Chadwick Seagraves, Alec Holowka, and Caroline Flack, among others.

The Democrats demonized white women for calling 911/the police. Joe Biden’s Head of Civil Rights in the Justice Department, Kristen Clarke, waged a Twitter Terror Campaign (Trial by Twitter without Due Process) to destroy me, an innocent civil rights attorney. Biden’s Presidential Campaign Co-Chair, US Rep Cedric Richmond, defamed me in Yahoo News. Richmond smeared me as in thrall to Trump and motivated by Trump’s racism to perpetrate a racist hate crime at Yale (Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale). This claim that Trump was emboldening racists and white supremacists, especially white women, to crawl out from under the woodwork, including me, apparently, an innocent philosophy grad student at Yale, was central to Biden’s Presidential Campaign. Michelle Obama made pushing Living While Black Race Hoaxes and Karens Gone Wild videos central to her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. President Barack Obama publicly condemned Amy Cooper as racist and explicitly pushed Living While Black Race Hoaxes, including Birdwatching While Black, the Central Park Race Hoax.

Amy Cooper and I are still routinely compared to Hitler and Ahmaud Arbery’s killers and Carolyn Bryant Donham, who got Emmett Till lynched. We are accused of trying to lynch Black people, via the police, including at Yale, and of weaponizing our white women tears, simply because we took reasonable precautions to insure our personal safety, and during the height of the Me Too movement, no less.

But, John Fetterman claims that he was simply protecting his community when he chased down an innocent Black jogger with a shotgun, because he thought he heard gunshots, which were likely fireworks.

So, the Democrats destroy my life and Amy Cooper’s life and the lives of so many other victims of Living While Black Race Hoaxes for sport and money and political power, because we called the police for help, but they are going to elect Fetterman to the PA US Senate seat after he pulled an actual gun on an innocent Black man who was simply jogging.

So Fetterman gets a pass for pulling a gun on a Black stranger by claiming that he was protecting his community, but Amy Cooper and I are vilified and persecuted as racist, genocidal attempted murderers and lynchers for taking care of our own personal safety and calling the police for help. Fetterman admits that he may have committed a crime while chasing down that innocent Black jogger with a shotgun. Neither Amy Cooper nor I committed any crime at all. In fact, we did absolutely nothing wrong. The Democrats have waged a years long campaign to destroy us. It is shocking to me that I’m still alive at this point, that neither Amy or I have committed suicide or been killed by one of our deranged stalkers.

This is why everyone hates the Democrats. The disgusting hypocrisy. The venality. The lies and race hoaxes for money and power. Especially when coupled with the egregious self-righteousness and the claim of moral authority, including the authority to wantonly destroy and terrorize innocent private citizen nobodies via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter. Moreover, they aren’t just destroying innocent lives, they are destroying us, our legal system and our egalitarian public space and our constitutional principles of Due Process and Equal Protection.

Please, please vote for the Republican candidate, Dr. Oz.

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Sarah Braasch

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