Jelani Cobb of the New Yorker: PROOF that Journalism is Dead and has been Replaced by Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Everyone’s a Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler Now

Sarah Braasch
2 min readDec 3, 2021

Jelani Cobb, Writer for the New Yorker and Journalism Professor at Columbia University, if you can believe it (says a lot about the sorry state of journalism and higher education in the US), is Proof Positive that Journalism is Dead and has been replaced by Woke KKK Cancel Culture.

Jelani Cobb is Proof Positive that Everyone’s a Twitter Race Hustler now. Everyone’s Shaun King now.

Jelani Cobb isn’t a journalist. He’s just another Shaun King style Twitter Race Hustler trying to make the fastest and easiest and cheapest buck by driving as many vulnerable private citizen nobodies to suicide as he can via Trial by Twitter without Due Process for Moral Outrage Industry money and gain.

Jelani Cobb doesn’t care if he destroys the Living While Black movement by turning it into a Race Hoax and bloodsport, targeting and demonizing vulnerable white women without power or resources to fight back or defend themselves, and especially those with mental health disabilities.

Jelani Cobb purposely and purposefully seeks out the vulnerable to attack and destroy, because he knows that they can’t do anything to defend themselves against his extraordinary social and mainstream and news media platforms.

Jelani Cobb couldn’t care less about Social Justice or Racism or Black People or Police Brutality.

Jelani Cobb cares about Jelani Cobb and lining Jelani Cobb’s pockets with Moral Outrage Industry dollars.

Jelani Cobb is happy to destroy the Living While Black movement and debase the memories of Black men and boys, including Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, by exploiting their murders, their lynchings, for his own personal and professional gain.

Jelani Cobb never met a Living While Black Race or Hate Crime Hoax he didn’t try to push for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry Money and Gain.

Jelani Cobb is a Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry unto himself.

Jelani Cobb doesn’t care if he has to get innocents, including Yale grad students and lifelong human and civil rights attorneys and activists killed, as long as he gets a piece of that Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry pie.

Jelani Cobb has no business teaching students at Columbia University about Journalism or anything else.

Jelani Cobb should resign in abject shame from the New Yorker and Columbia University for what he did to me.

Jelani Cobb is an evil, lying bigot and fraud.

Jelani Cobb defines Woke KKK and Woke Privilege.

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