Richard Painter is a Truly Sick and Evil Person. He cannot be Serious about Running for MN Governor After He Spent the Past 2 Months Waging a Campaign to Drive Me to Suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter. Painter Defines Woke KKK and Woke Privilege.

Sarah Braasch
3 min readNov 10, 2021

In other words, Richard Painter defines Woke KKK and Woke Privilege.

It is shocking that Richard Painter believes that a run for MN Governor would be successful after his behavior over the past two months.

This is the definition of Woke Privilege: you think you can spend two months relentlessly attacking an innocent and traumatized Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, for Moral Outrage Industry money and gain, over a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime, when this traumatized woman already almost died and lost her lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers, and you think you’re still qualified to run for MN Governor.

Richard Painter should resign from his position as a law professor at the University of MN in abject shame for what he did to me.

Richard Painter is truly sick and evil. He has no business running for public office after what he did to me. He has proven himself to lack any moral compass whatsoever. He lacks any sense of humanity or decency. He is soulless and heartless. The People of MN don’t want someone soulless and heartless who attacks traumatized women via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process as their Governor. They know better.

Here are Richard Painter’s latest tweets attacking me, because I exposed him as the lying bigot and fraud that he is, someone who has no business running for Minnesota Governor:

Here’s a link to my blog post to which the lying bigot and fraud, Richard Painter is referring, wherein I express my shock that he thinks he can get away with running for Governor of Minnesota after what he did to me:

I want Richard Painter to know: if you do run for Governor of MN, I will be there to tell the whole world how unfit you are for the role after what you did to me. You are an evil, heartless, soulless monster who attacks traumatized women on Twitter, because you care more about your petty grievances with University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter than spending your time doing good and making the world a better place.

Shame on you. Shame on you.

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