Richard Painter is Unfit to Serve in the US Congress After What He Did to Me; I am Happy to Speak to the Press; the Public Needs to Know

Sarah Braasch
2 min readFeb 24, 2022


I want to be perfectly clear about this: Richard Painter is unfit to serve in any public office. Richard Painter spent most of the past 5 months waging a campaign on Twitter to drive me to suicide and to destroy my life. His behavior is shocking. I’m happy to speak to the press.

The voting public needs to know about what Richard Painter did to me. His gross abuse of me, a private citizen nobody and innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney, is absolutely shocking. He is unfit to serve in the US Congress. He is unfit to represent MN.

1 MN reporter said he would reach out to me, if Richard Painter actually runs for Governor. He’s running for US Congress, or, at least, seeking the DFL nomination. I think it’s just as important that the voting public in MN knows what he did to me. He is unfit to serve.

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