Twitter Permanently Banned Me For Reporting Sexual Abuse and Harassment, I Mean, For Exposing Their Blue Check Mark Public Figures as Lying Bigots and Frauds

Sarah Braasch
8 min readOct 23, 2021


I live inside a surreal and hellish nightmare now. The following is a true story.

My name is Sarah Braasch. If you know who I am, you either know me as the Yale Nazi, an evil white woman Karen who was trying to lynch Black children at Yale, while they nap no less, by swatting them, by calling the police on them in the hopes that they’ll be slaughtered. Or, you know me as the innocent victim of the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, a lifelong human and civil rights activist and attorney, whose life and career were decimated at the hands of the Yale Admin, the Fake News Press, and the Moral Outrage Industry.

And, if you don’t know me, if you missed the global defamation campaign against me that cast me as public enemy #1, you should still be paying attention to my tale. Regardless of whether you see me as villain or savior, what was done to me is the banshee’s wail, portending our ruination. I committed no crime. In point of fact, I did no wrong, but it is not necessary that you believe this. Even if you firmly believe that I engaged in racism, either implicit or explicit, you should be terrified and horrified by what was done to me.

We are destroying ourselves. This is not hyperbole.

We are driving private nobodies to suicide via Trial by Twitter without Due Process for sport and fame and money, and we call it Social Justice and pretend that this helps Black people or anyone. And, the suicides are stacking up: Caroline Flack, David Bucci, Austen Heinz, Mike Adams, Alec Holowka et al. And, no one cares. Despite some hand wringing in the days and weeks after their deaths, the mobbings continue unabated.

If you, like Frederick T. Joseph, take video of your white neighbor, Emma Sarley, at a Williamsburg dog park in Brooklyn, and pretend that her angry demands that you control your dog or “stay in your hood” are a racist hate crime and subject her, a private citizen nobody, to Trial by Twitter and get her fired, guess what? You’re the monster.

If, like Gerritt Jones, you try to turn a snippet of video of your frail, little old white lady neighbor and her tiny dog in your private, gated community, into a free advertisement for your military grade armed security business, Black Anchor Tactical, including by sending news crews to the home of an elderly couple, you are not the victim in this scenario.

If you take a TikTok video of your little old white lady busybody neighbor, because she didn’t like your tacky Tigger flag, and publicly shame her as a racist for the whole world to see, the next Rosa Parks you ain’t.

And, the Fake News Press is just as much to blame, including Newsweek. I spent days trying to stop the Tigger Flag Karen story from getting much traction, but that didn’t stop Newsweek from pretending like this was an actual, legitimate news story, to wring as much Moral Outrage Industry money off of the back of a little old white lady private citizen nobody as they could.

I spent days on Twitter, castigating all of the major mainstream news media outlets, and the usual Twitter Race Hustlers, like Tim Wise and Attorney Ben Crump, to stop them from getting the innocent SFA State U girls, some of whom are Black, killed, and destroying their young lives, after the Living While Black Race Hoax that took place a little over a year ago.

I call them the Woke KKK. Because they join witch hunts and extrajudicial social media mobs meting out grossly disproportionate and immediate sentences for alleged and non-crimes without Due Process. The sentence is always the same: Social Death. And, if you dare not die, if, like me, you even dare to fight for Justice and to end Cancel Culture, they will never cease attacking you until you’re dead, because you are the proof that they are lying bigots and frauds. It matters not to them that I already almost died, many times over. It matters not to them that my human and civil rights academic and legal careers are over. They aren’t going to stop attacking me until my dead body is hung up in a public square in DC.

The very bitter irony is that the ranks of the Woke KKK are comprised of many law professors, licensed attorneys, government officials, as well as social psychologists, academic philosophers, and whatever passes for a journalist these days, those who claim to be anti-the Carceral State, anti-mass incarceration, and pro prison and police abolition. Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, along with Josie Duffy-Rice, both formerly of The Appeal, which is more or less synonymous with Twitter Race Hustler Shaun King, who played a major role in the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, have waged a more than three year campaign to destroy me. Kavanagh has repeatedly called for me to be prosecuted, expelled, disbarred, ruined, and she bragged about getting me kicked out of the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School. Duffy-Rice cracked jokes about how my life is worthless, because I don’t have a Twitter blue check mark, and laughed, as my followers and I begged her and Patricia Arquette to stop mobbing me to suicide, and told her that I was on the suicide hotline.

Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Lawyer (?!) with 750k Twitter followers, teamed up with a group of TikTok sex workers to drive me to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter over a now almost 3 and ½ year old non-event and non-crime, and this is far from the weirdest thing that has happened to me, since the Hate Crime Hoax at Yale.

Painter began attacking me on September 13th, and he hasn’t stopped since. He began his crusade to decimate me, to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter, because Brian has unfailingly stood by my side for the entirety of this hellish nightmare. I had the temerity to defend myself against his attacks, so he stepped up his brazen lies about me. He accused me of calling Don Lemon of CNN racial slurs, and he also has repeatedly falsely claimed that I accused him of being involved with Slate and the Above the Law Blog’s efforts to doxx and ruin the future career prospects of Federalist Society students at Stanford Law this past spring. Recently, Painter decried Yale Law School’s threats to pre-emptively disbar a Native American Yale Law School student and Federalist Society student member for a silly party invite on a Group Me that referenced a trap house and basic bitch snacks that was deemed racist. Coherence is not Painter’s strong suit.

Which brings us to the title of this essay. A Twitter account called, “Crying Sarah Braasch,” with the Twitter handle, @TearsofSarah, has been terrorizing me for the past few weeks. I believe that this so-called parody account is the brain child of the union between Richard Painter and the TikTok sex workers. This account is not parody. You cannot parody a private citizen nobody. I am not a public figure. I am not a movie. This is just abuse and harassment meant to drive me to suicide.

I have been reporting every disgusting tweet from this account, and I asked my followers to do likewise. Twitter Support and Twitter Safety have done nothing for weeks. A couple of days ago, the account was tweeting as me and talking about how I suck the dicks of my Yale Advisors. Of course, I reported these tweets to Twitter Safety and Twitter Support. I also posted tweets about the sexual abuse and harassment and about how Twitter finally acted against this account that has been tormenting me for weeks. Twitter Support had sent me emails thanking me for making these reports and advising me to go to the police with documentation of the abuse and harassment.

Shortly thereafter, I got a message on Twitter that my account had been suspended. I went to my email. I had a message from Twitter Support saying that my account has been permanently suspended for abuse and harassment, because I reported the @TearsofSarah account and documented the abuse on my Twitter feed. I was in shock. And, then I wasn’t. I don’t know if this was a grievous algorithm error, but Twitter is taking advantage of the situation to get rid of me. They are currently refusing to restore my Twitter account, which is nearly my only means of saving my life and career.

I have not a single doubt that Twitter is exploiting this opportunity to silence me, because I have been exposing their blue check mark public figures as the lying bigots and frauds that they are, and for repeatedly attempting to mob me to suicide on their platform. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And, I just filed my 2nd appeal with Twitter, after they rejected my first. I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is not the first time that Twitter permanently suspended me for pointing out that I’m the victim of abuse and harassment on their site. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull off another miracle and get my account restored.

I recently watched Monica Lewinsky’s HBO documentary on Cancel Culture, 15 Minutes of Shame. I was very happy to see that this documentary focused on private citizen nobodies whose lives had been utterly destroyed by Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter. Roxane Gay makes an appearance. As does Kara Swisher of the New York Times. Of course, they both say a lot of decidedly stupid and ridiculous things about Cancel Culture. They go with the usual drivel: Cancel Culture is just Consequences Culture. Cancel Culture is just the marginalized acting collectively and taking advantage of the power of social media to hold the powerful accountable for their bigotry. Kara Swisher pretends that she doesn’t know that the Fake News Press, including the New York Times, have near impunity to wantonly destroy the lives of private nobodies for Moral Outrage Industry money, thanks to New York Times v. Sullivan, which begs to be revisited to clarify the definition of public figure. This is why Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against the New York Times is so important.

Roxane Gay, of course, fails to mention that she was a major player in the global defamation campaign that almost got me killed, that she defamed me in the New York Times, that she incited numerous mobs against me on Twitter, that she insisted that I’m a white supremacist, even though she knows my Yale Advisor Jason Stanley, and I have not a single doubt in my mind that she absolutely knew that I was an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney. Gay also neglects to mention that she was handsomely rewarded by Yale President Peter Salovey for helping him destroy me, in the form of a Visiting Professorship at Yale, and she is far from the only one who was so rewarded.

But, the cherry on the cake of Roxane Gay’s asinine commentary on Cancel Culture was when she said that, sure, innocent people get destroyed by Cancel Culture, but innocent people also get destroyed by the criminal justice system. I don’t think she realizes how revealing this statement is of her depravity. She compares the legitimacy of the Woke KKK, of extrajudicial social media mobs sentencing private nobodies to social death for alleged and non-crimes, and sometimes driving innocent people to suicide, to our legal system, with Due Process and Equal Protection and constitutional fair trial protections.

Pray for us.

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