Woke KKK Fake News Press Monique Judge, thejournalista, Subjects Citi Bike Karen, Sarah Jane Comrie, to Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter

Sarah Braasch
4 min readMay 22, 2023

It is truly important that the whole world understands what Woke KKK Fake News Press Monster Monique Judge is doing here. This is the tactic of the Woke KKK thru out the Living While Black Race Hoax (Great Racism Scare) against me at Yale & Amy Cooper, &, now, Citi Bike Karen (Sarah Jane Comrie).

We all saw Judge subject Sarah Comrie to Woke KKK Cancel Culture & Trial by Twitter w/o Due Process. Comrie is a nobody (the anti-thesis of a public figure). Judge is a public figure & Fake News Press journalist, who has spent most of the past 5 years terrorizing & demonizing nobody white women, including Amy Cooper, & including on The Root and with Michael Harriot (my many years stalker who penned a Death Threat against me (Witch Hunt at Yale) & Amy Cooper in the Washington Post). Judge has pushed every Living While Black Race Hoax & Karen Gone Wild video for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry $.

Comrie is a six months pregnant nurse who just came off a 12 hour shift at Bellevue Hospital in NYC. Comrie became involved in an argument over a Citi Bike with a group of young Black men & a 90 sec snippet of out of context camera phone video was recorded of the incident. This was a non-event — 2 people in an argument over a Citi Bike in NYC. Judge helped blow it up into a global conflagration. Regardless of the fact that she claims that it was already a global conflagration when she began discussing it, she absolutely fanned the flames with a tweet calling Comrie a bitch and accusing her of trying to get the young Black men in the video killed. Judge said that Comrie weaponized her white women tears. This tweet has, as of this moment, received almost 5M views. Judge went on to tweet that she hopes Comrie is fired, that she hopes Comrie never has a moment of peace for the rest of her life, that she hopes Comrie is rendered unemployable, that she hopes her tweets about Comrie show up at the top of a Google Search for the rest of Comrie’s life, and that Judge intended to tweet about her forever to make sure that this happens. She said Fuck You, Sarah Jane Comrie. Judge demanded that the New York Times cover the story. And, Judge said many other disgusting things about Comrie.

This is why I call it Woke KKK Cancel Culture. This is why I call them the Woke KKK. This is subjecting a nobody to the immediate and grossly disproportionate sentence of Social Death or Suicide for a non-crime. If you are trying to get a nobody fired, expelled, disbarred, stripped of their professional licenses, prosecuted, de-platformed, made destitute & unemployable, and decimate their life & career & livelihood & reputation, then you are trying to drive them to suicide & get them killed. No one is confused about this.

Judge is now trying to say that she was simply giving her opinion about an already widely reported upon case. Judge is now trying to say that this is simply holding a racist bigot accountable. Judge is LYING. Judge is also employing DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender). Judge is saying that the persons on Twitter pointing out that Judge is the racist bigot who was trying to get Sarah Comrie killed are harassing Judge. This is what was done to me repeatedly when I tried to tell the simple Truth about what was done to me during the Witch Hunt at Yale. I was permanently banned 2x by Jack Dorsey Twitter for speaking out against my persecutors. Now that Elon Musk bought Twitter, the nobody victims of the Woke KKK Fake News Press Monsters can talk back without being banned.

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