Yale and Yale Police’s Ronnell Higgins are Still Trying to Get Me Killed 5 Years After Witch Hunt at Yale

Sarah Braasch
5 min readJan 1, 2023


I will have much more to say about this later, but I just wanted to get this out into the world right away.

There is a new podcast called The Hero Maker Podcast by Jennifer Morrison, Vermont’s Commissioner of Public Safety, and Andrea Shreeman, a writer/director/executive producer based in Los Angeles.

They had Yale’s former Campus Police Chief, now Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Community Engagement, Ronnell Higgins, on for their December 27th, 2022 episode. Because Christmas and New Year’s always seems like the time when the Woke KKK Monsters try to get me killed, just to make the holidays extra special for me.

Yale’s Ronnell Higgins literally accuses me of weaponizing the Yale Campus Police to try to get a Black Yale student killed. He accuses me of perpetrating an attempted lynching of a Black student on Yale’s campus via the Yale Campus Police. He refers to my race and sex, a white female, and frames the incident as a racist hate crime with me as the villain, because he is trying to get me killed by driving me to suicide or by inciting my murder. Higgins 100% knows that this is the likely outcome. He is trying to cover up his own and Yale’s gross malfeasance.

This is what he has to say about me, the disgusting lies he told about me:

“We had a story that was called sleeping while black.

A white female student knowingly called the police on a student whom she knew belonged there, weaponizing the police.

That made us look really, really bad.”

Here is a link to the podcast episode. The disgusting lies about me by Ronnell Higgins are about 20 minutes in:


I just sent a message to Jennifer Morrison and Andrea Shreeman, asking them to have me on their podcast, so I can address Ronnell Higgins’ disgusting lies about me that put my life in the gravest of danger and to please help me save my life and human/civil rights career:

I am begging you to do the right thing and have me on your podcast, so that I can address Yale’s Ronnell Higgins’ disgusting lies about me that put my life in the gravest of danger. He is lying about me. He accused me of weaponizing the Yale Police to try to get a Black Yale student killed on your podcast. He referred to my race. He is trying to drive me to suicide & incite my murder by framing what happened as a racist hate crime with me as the villain, instead of the simple, honest to God truth, which is that I am the victim of the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, and the Yale Administration and Yale Campus Police and Ronnell Higgins were all full-fledged participants. The Yale Administration had targeted me for expulsion for years, because I stood up for the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of an Evangelical Black man during my first year in the Philosophy PhD Program at Yale. He was our only POC job candidate for a tenure track Assistant Professor position. This made me persona non grata at Yale, and I experienced harassment in graduate student housing as a result. In Spring, 2018, I was being harassed in my isolated Yale dorm room for months, and I begged Ronnell Higgins to help me, and he did nothing to help me besides tell me to call the Yale Campus Police at anytime for absolutely any reason, but when I did so, he told disgusting public lies about me, along with the Yale Administration, condemning me as guilty of racial harassment with no Due Process whatsoever. You have a moral obligation to have me on your podcast, so I can address his disgusting lies about me. My life has been destroyed. I am struggling to stay off the streets and to survive because of what Yale and Ronnell Higgins did to me. I almost committed suicide countless times. Please help me save my life and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers. I am a human/civil rights attorney who has spent her entire life dedicated to helping others. Please help me save my life. I’m begging you.

Here are my Twitter posts about the podcast episode that I just discovered:

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